Crura of the clitoris

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In his research with female subjects suffering from vaginal dryness [1], he found that stimulation of an area deep in the vagina on the anterior wall resulted in rapid lubrication and arousal. Download Clue to track your sexual activity. Unlike the rest of the clitoris, the glans does not swell or grow during the female sexual response, as it does not contain erectile expandable tissue 5. Member feedback about Zona pellucida: Clitoral erection is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors, and is usually, though not exclusively, associated with sexual arousal. In female human anatomy, the clitoral hood also called preputium clitoridis and clitoral prepuce is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the glans of the clitoris; it also covers the external shaft of the clitoris, develops as part of the labia minora and is homologous with the foreskin equally called prepuce in male genitals. Member feedback about Round ligament of uterus:

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What is the clitoris?

These sac-like erectile tissue structures lie internally just beneath the labia majora. Often, they are found by the women herself and as an incidental finding during a routine pelvic examination. They drain into the urethra and near the urethral opening and may be near or a part of the G-spot. The existence or function of the G-spot is not percent clear. It corresponds to a slight constriction known as the isthmus that can be seen on the surface of the uterus about midway between the apex and base. In reality, the volume of clitoral erectile tissue is ten times greater than that which has been frequently shown in doctors' offices and in anatomy text books. The vaginal orifice is a median slit below and behind the opening of the urethra; its size varies inversely with that of the hymen.

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crura of the clitoris
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crura of the clitoris
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