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Well his wife was furious, and possibly under the influence and went off on him for a solid five minutes before she dropped her pants and demanded a tattoo on her ass. And noone would see the thing. Bow tattoo on my vagina? And he said no. Why did shading for my tattoo hurt more? Sure, kitty, pussy, cat…makes sense for a vulva tattoo, but without the bow tie it would just be too obvious.

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Clever, but does anyone really want to associate their vagina with fish?

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62 People Describe The Absolute DUMBEST Tattoos They’ve Ever Seen

Answer Questions Salabrasion on wrist tattoo? Dead Ink We had a regular customer who would come in for pretty typical tattoos. I have seen a vagina tattoo which connected through the crotch to te anus. My favorite video game ever! Generations of teenagers would better understand sex ed if this tattooed lady was part of their educational material. Did he get in a tongue fight? Forget the tramp stamp, this is the new way to go.

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butterfly clitoris tatoo
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butterfly clitoris tatoo
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