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Hence, though subjects may feel that they directly introspect their own free willthe experience of control is actually inferred from relations between the thought and the action. British Journal of Psychology. In one experiment, subjects watched a basketball player taking a series of free throws. Sergevev is known to have studied Nina Kulagina, a well-known psychic from Leningrad. According to Planer, "All research in medicine and other sciences would become illusionary, if the existence of PK had to be taken seriously; for no experiment could be relied upon to furnish objective results, since all measurements would become falsified to a greater or lesser degree, according to his PK ability, by the experimenter's wishes. The experiment was directed by the physicist Yves Farge with a magician also present. The term comes from historic accounts of children raised by animals and not exposed to human nurturing.

Believers in psychokinesis made errors that favored its existence, while disbelievers made opposite errors.

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Retrieved March 3, The psychologist thought she would end up in a nursing home. Retrieved on January 27, Carl Sagan included telekinesis in a long list of "offerings of pseudoscience and superstition" which "it would be foolish to accept Feces dribbled down her legs.

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