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A significant percentage of the gathered food may end up in their larder nests for winter consumption. The usual means of locomotion is walking or running, but when pursued, deer mice leap. Home range and travels. A longitudinal study of Junin virus activity in the rodent reservoir of Argentine hemorrhagic fever. During the development stages, the mice within one litter interact much more than mice of two different litters. Within any year, deer mice are generally most abundant in the late autumn, and least so in the springtime.

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Food Deer mice omnivorously take a great variety of specific foods.

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Western North American Naturalist

Investigation of deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus home range and possible predictors of Sin Nombre hantavirus infection using passive integrated transponder technology. However, deer mice also provide a service to forestry, by eating large numbers of potentially injurious insects, such as sawflies and budworms. The impact of fungi on soil seeds: Individuals that biologists have marked and then displaced have returned to their nests, on traveling 3. Home range, time, and body size in mammals. The deer mice do not mingle in groups with their litters.

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adult size of a deer mouse
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adult size of a deer mouse
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