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Then, when they actually do something powerful--like driving the ATF back on the recent gun-control push--Conservatives out here in voter land don't give one peep of praise. How's that working out? Why would the Ayatollah buy into anything with our government in such disarray, they've won the game again without ever having to serve. I don't see 17 as pedophile range, just a little creepy for me. Considering foreign affairs are the purvue of the Department of State part of the executive brancharen't they doing exactly what they accused the President of doing, doing an end run? Mixed Nutz Senior Member Posts. That's a very old song sung by a very v young dude.

These days, however, those great lengths have been shrunk down to nothing, and that rite of passage is as irrelevant as a boy's first saber-tooth tiger hunt.

The Real Reason Easy Access to Porn Is Ruining Our Kids

It's become about as rare and mysterious as sitcoms or car commercials. The Republicans have already conceded the next game by this letter. I do kind of like Ted's latter take on life as he has "matured". For that matter, people didn't even want to let the Democrats hold the bag for pushing the gun control in the first place. As for the pipeline, absolutely they put a bill on Obama's desk as well they should have.

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