Derivation of the word fuck

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It is unclear whether the words are censored because swive and fuck are thought to be obscene, worse in themselves than the other words in the poem, or because the sexual sins of which the author accuses the monks are so horrible they cannot be stated outright. Just throwing into the mix the satisfaction that the mix of sounds creates in the utterer! Fornicate Unlaful Carnal Knowlege British soldiers raped Irish girls,and when they were on the rampage, give an Irish girl something for nothingIrish men would spread the word: Kate Wiles December 18, at 3: JessC July 8, at The phrase "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!

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Treat someone in an unfair or humiliating way.

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On the Origin of Fuck

Anton Constantinescu March 27, at 9: The Etiology and Elaboration of a Flagrant Mistranslation". Inthe U. Hence, the legend goes, that couples that were having children were required to first obtain royal permission usually from a local magistrate or lord and then place a sign somewhere visible from the road in their home that said " Fornicating Under Consent of King," which was later shortened to "FUCK. I expect the pronunciation of the expletive form changed over time, but the meaning never did.

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derivation of the word fuck

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