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My initial thought was, "Well, how does this work? I watched the episode on the Tuesday night it aired and it was the first time I had seen it and I lost my little mind. We haven't got there yet, but we are getting closer. I feel like a good enough actor can manufacture a convincing level of chemistry, but it's invaluable and a huge gift if you really adore the person you have to go on that journey with, and it was so much fun working with her on this relationship. I was a bit too caught up in the logistics of a woman having sex with another woman, especially in this case a woman who had never had sex with another woman before. At that point she'd done everything, including find love, and even though it's devastating to lose her at that moment, in a way it's the most perfect Shakespearean tragic ending.

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I felt that Allie had to be someone like that, someone who knew who she was and who was at peace with her incarceration.

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Kate Jenkinson: If You’ve Met The Right Person Gender Doesn’t Matter

You must have had a great working relationship with her to be able to achieve this? And my reaction was probably similar to the viewers' reactions. How did you find who Allie was, and how she should go about that? You had wonderful on-screen chemistry with Danielle. If a television show that's only real purpose is to entertain - and let's be honest, make money - if it also manages to touch people on a personal level, then I think we've really done something right. You mentioned before that you felt that Bea would never have identified as queer at all, and I agree, and the writers and producers allowing her to fall in love with a woman was a big step in the lesbian, bisexual and queer women representation we are seeing these days. Nice segue for me into real life stories!

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salma hayek sex toons
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