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If anything, she pretends to be something she's not so that the people she calls her friends don't see how awful she really is. I think I'm now more familiar with Dunham's ass than my own. Male Perspective girls guys. In that faraway land called the early 90's, female comedians talking about their period or whatever, was shocking and funny, because we lived in a patriarchal society where such low hanging fruit was considered taboo, and therefore really had to be broached and broken by female comedians. And it's not a bad ass. A bit wired, but cool.

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Mar 19, 5.

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On HBO's Girls, how are so many dudes attracted to Hannah?

It's like when you unlocked all those 'Unlimited' cheats for Playstation when you were younger guys. Mar 19, 1. High-As-PapayaMar 19, When Hannah is desperate to try and win his affection in the first season, he couldn't give two watery-shits. I don't really agree that her awful personality is a reason to not be attracted to her.

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